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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 343 watery territory
He searched back and saw the instantly-reinforced Elder Xingyue and the hunch-reinforced Most recognized Xia conversing .
It had been initially which he noticed ‘Thank you’ from her mouth . In fact, Su Han ended up being helping him on a regular basis, also it was the 1st time he brought her some help and received her cheers .
It was actually the 1st time which he read ‘Thank you’ provided by her mouth . After all, Su Han have been being able to help him constantly, and it was the 1st time he presented her some assistance and got her many thanks .
“Oh, so it will be like that…” Hao Ren nodded .
“Fuma Hao!”
Certainly, these people were talking over the impending return of the outdated dragon emperor .
At this time, the Mingri Group’s small business on ground plunged, so do the Eastern Beach Dragon Clan’s reputation on the Dragon Tribe . In the mean time, Zhao Yanzi, the heiress with the dragon palace would get married to an unimportant mortal man…
Highest regarded Xia was alarmed together with the problem . Resulting from his worry for Hao Ren, he provided Hao Ren a heads up .
“Qin Shaoyang will quickly be placed below for a local inspector,” holding the rice newspaper in her palms, she made her gaze toward Hao Ren and explained .
“Ok…” Highest regarded Xia converted slightly and brought him to Elder Xingyue’s palace .
“Su Han is within her place . You could go see her now,” Elder Xingyue nodded slightly at Hao Ren and stated .
From the fact Zhao Guang attempted to hide this stuff from Zhao Haoran, Hao Ren could guess the style with the ancient dragon master .
The Strategy to Become Good at Magic
[Once having viewed the perfect, others is not really rewarding to view . ]
Regardless, it was actually because Hao Ren was just the ‘Fuma in Name’ which the senior citizen seniors dared to indicate that the dragon palace should dump him to get the East Seashore Dragon Clan out of hassle .
“Hehe…” Highest regarded Xia forced a chuckle helplessly and carried on just to walk Hao Ren to the door .
The truth is, the whole thing hadn’t gone as Zhao Guang experienced hoped . In accordance with Zhao Guang’s plan, because the choice for Zhao Yanzi’s Fuma, Hao Ren will have 3 years to cultivate . Along with his strong fort.i.tude and the aid of elixirs, he would reach Dui-point by that time .
The two Elder Lu and Elder Direct sun light, who have been two crimson-robed seniors, preferred Hao Ren, but facing the opposition well over ten crimson-robed elders stationed from the dragon palace, they had minor say in the topic . All things considered, the purple-robed elders have been all outdated subordinates of Zhao Haoran, and in many cases Zhao Guang couldn’t veto them whenever they have obstinate .
“The old dragon master retired over two decades in the past along with resided from the mortal entire world as a hermit . ” When he pointed out Zhao Haoran, Leading Xia searched quite careful .
The female cultivators developed elsewhere during the day and went back to Elder Xingyue’s palace during the night . With increased disciples than another elder, her words and phrases kept many body weight .
“Does the existing dragon ruler understand the point with Zi?” Hao Ren asked .
During the total East Seas Dragon Palace, apart from Zhao Yanzi who didn’t understand about her grandfather’s forthcoming returning, all the others was holding their breaths .
Hao Ren was amazed in the information . He obtained meant to find out if Zhao Haoran knew that his granddaughter was grounded on the dragon palace and got this unanticipated details .
Hao Ren was surprised for the headlines . He experienced used to ask if Zhao Haoran knew that his granddaughter was grounded from the dragon palace and got this unpredicted information .
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Hao Ren glanced with the exquisite and chic calligraphy, obtaining her handwriting quite das.h.i.+ng .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Undoubtedly, they had been speaking about the impending come back on the classic dragon king .
Zhao Guang needed the helm of the East Seashore Dragon Clan only twenty years before, but Most recognized Xia, a skilled inside extramarital affair administrator, experienced been working under Zhao Haoran for many years and was familiar with the latter’s temper .
Embarra.s.sed, Hao Ren had taken fifty percent one step backside . “No… I just now want to examine your tone . “
He could visualize how Zhao Haoran, the best ruler of your dragon palace, would react soon after he learns regarding the proposal between him and Zhao Yanzi .
From the minute he moved into Zhao Yanzi’s ‘cell’ so far, it was subsequently exactly 2 hours . Because the mind manager of inner affairs from the dragon palace, Highest regarded Xia was aware precisely when Hao Ren got arrived at the dragon palace .
“Hehe…” Leading Xia forced a chuckle helplessly and continued simply to walk Hao Ren for the door .
Nonetheless, pertaining to Hao Ren’s scenario, neither of the two Top Xia nor Elder Xingyue could give him excellent aid . After all, the Eastern Beach Dragon Clan didn’t must take dangers to get a Fuma in label to counter-top the anti-East Beach alliance led from the West Seashore Dragon Clan .
“Hehe…” Top Xia pressured a chuckle helplessly and persisted just to walk Hao Ren for the gate .
When Hao Ren walked out, he spotted Leading Xia status out of doors that has a look on his deal with . Immediately after he came out, a maid immediately went in to the space by having an delightful dish pack in her palms .
When facing Su Han during this hidden space, he noticed from breathing .
When Zhao Yanzi was grounded in the dragon palace, Top Xia was already slack along with the rules to allow Hao Ren into her palace . If he remained too long as well as the overall nights in the palace, Most recognized Xia, the top director of the dragon palace, will have to assume responsibilty .
“Oh, so it will be like that…” Hao Ren nodded .
Realizing that she was really a cultivation maniac, Hao Ren was aware she has to be ecstatic with this particular smaller breakthrough in spite of her relaxed physical appearance . If not, she wouldn’t stay in the atmosphere to train calligraphy .
Right now, the Mingri Group’s enterprise on land plunged, so do the Eastern Sea Dragon Clan’s good reputation on the Dragon Tribe . However, Zhao Yanzi, the heiress on the dragon palace would wed an unimportant mortal man…
Zhao Yanzi possessed dropped her dragon center, and she would wed a regular mortal man… Even Zhao Guang wouldn’t manage to tolerate Zhao Haoran’s fury!
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Although Zhao Yanzi was grounded from the dragon palace, Top Xia was already slack while using policies to allow Hao Ren into her palace . If he remained a long time or perhaps the overall nighttime in the palace, Top Xia, the top manager of your dragon palace, would need to assume responsibility .

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